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Updated: May 13, 2018

More and More people are delving into "KINK" Nowadays. Here are some fun toys to play with.

Top 7 BDSM Toys Guaranteed To Spice Things Up

Sex toys are synonymous with the world of BDSM. They enliven our play sessions and offer endless avenues of pleasure and pain. For those who are new to BDSM, the amount of equipment on offer can be overwhelming at first, but they are vital to your enjoyment. Using toys in combination with BDSM sex secretsand commonly used kinky sex acts will intensify your session.

The following toys are useful for any level of BDSM play and will assist in any type of scenario. Remember to treat all of the following sex toys respectfully. Use them as intended and keep safe during sessions.

  1. #1 – Handcuffs / Ties Restraints are the first thing which comes to mind when enticing people to ‘try something kinky’, and they do serve a great purpose. It should be pointed out that bondage and restraints are not the most popular fetishes by far. Even a lot hardcore BDSM players are not into bondage as it requires a significant amount of trust to be placed on the other person. Beginners to the BDSM world should focus on restraints that have safety precautions in place to begin with. Handcuffs are available with safety releases and always keep medical shears nearby (and within reach of the submissive) if using material or rope bondage.

  2. #2 - Paddle / Spanking Bat One of the principle beauties of spanking toys is that you probably won’t even need to leave the house to find one. You probably have one or two objects lying around that can be used perfectly fine as a spanking implement. Anything from a wooden spoon to bath-brush to flip flop –these items are often referred to as pervertables simply pick something up and see what effect it has on yours or your partner’s behind. Be wary that immediate hard spanking is not for the faint hearted and it’s always worth warming up the bottom cheeks with some hand spanking first. Specifically-designed paddles are great because they offer a wide variety of sensations depending on the type you have. Spanking or being spanked is not only a cathartic experience for both parties, it’s also a lot of fun.

  3. #3 - Anal Toys Butt plugs, anal vibrators. Anal play is a huge fetish for a good reason. Most people aren’t aware of their anal pleasure until they look into it or experiment with it. Fortunately, there are a million toys out there specifically designed for anal stimulation so you won’t have any trouble finding something suitable. The most important factor I can stress here is lubricant; keep everything as lubed as possible. Start small. Try it with a tiny butt plug to begin with, then if it feels good, progress to bigger toys.

  4. #4 – Blindfolds Like spanking implements, there’s a hundred items lying around your house now that can be doubled as a blindfold. A pair of tights, a scarf, a tie. Sensory deprivation is a significant part of BDSM play. Removing one sense heightens the others, allowing you to explore scenarios through means you usually wouldn’t. Again, start small. Use a blindfold and let your partner explore your body (or explore theirs) and see how it different it is without being able to see either of your actions. You will be communicating solely through touch, taste, sound and scent. Additionally, blindfolds can be quickly removed in case of emergency and there are no pain implications to wearing one, so they serve as a good starting item for a beginner who wants to experience sensory deprivation.

  5. #5 - Remote Control Vibrators Unlike regular vibrators, remote controlled ones are designed to attach around the genital area and stay there. The vibrator is then controlled by the dominant while the submissive is at the mercy of the dominant’s desires. Remote controlled vibrators can be used around the house to keep your partner in a state of frenzy, maybe while they’re doing chores or housework. They won’t know when to expect the stimulation to start or end. Additionally, you can also take remote control vibrators outdoors for some public humiliation and turn it on when your partner least expects it. Most remote control vibrators are designed for vaginal use but there are some on the market catered for anal play.

  6. #6 - Collars and Leashes Collars are a great visual representation of someone’s submissiveness, so they can simply be used as visual stimulation purposes to begin with. They can also be used to immediately place someone in a submissive state. Most of them are pain free so attaching and removing them is never an issue, and can be achieved quickly in order to assert dominance over your partner. There are countless different styles and colours on the market so they can be tailored to your preferences. For extended play I would recommend investing in a one made of thick leather. While collars and leashes are supposed to fit tight around a person’s neck, they’re not meant to be uncomfortable. Comfort is definitely an important factor during long BDSM sessions, so invest wisely. In this case, comfort doubly important as the neck is a difficult area to hide should any marks be left post-session.

  7. #7 - Pinwheel This is one for the sadistic players. A pinwheel, otherwise known as a Wartenberg Wheel,is a tiny little rolling device with spikes protruding from the edges. Imagine a pizza cutter but with singular spikes instead of a sharp edge. A pinwheel alone is enough to produce a variety of incredible sensations and can be used anywhere on the body, but it’s most effective when combined with bondage and sensory deprivation. Test it on your partner’s sensitive areas and watch them squirm. It can produce wonderful patterns on the skin which disappear fairly quickly so it’s hard to do any significant damage unless severe force is used.

Several important BDSM items haven’t made the list but that’s for good reason. For any beginners out there, I would advise them to leave alone harsh spanking tools like canes and whips. In order to use them properly they need to be researched thoroughly. It’s not wise to just pick up a cane and start whacking, it can cause irreparable damage. I advise to leave them until you’re comfortable enough to work your way up to them.

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