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Does size matter or not? A frequent topic of sex columns and even in the locker room, the question of whether penis size matters is one that has been asked throughout time. There are many reasons to indicate that when it comes to sexual satisfaction, penis size might actually matter.

1. Preference for Appearance

When it comes to appearance, the simple fact is that many women seem to prefer the appearance of a larger penis over a smaller penis. One of the reasons for this could be that women subconsciously think that a man with a larger package has more sex appeal and will prove to be a better partner in bed. It is worth noting, however, that penis size does appear to be in proportion with a man’s height. Overall, women seem to prefer a taller man to have a larger member, while size does not seem to matter as much with shorter men.

2. Improved Stimulation

In terms of satisfaction, women who are able to experience multiple orgasms tend to report increased satisfaction when their partners have larger penises. This certainly seems to be the case in women who are only able to orgasm through traditional penile-vaginal intercourse. It is worth noting, however, that there are some limits. Given that the average vaginal depth for most women is only about 3 to 4 inches, lengths beyond 5 inches may not make much of a difference in terms of increased satisfaction. In fact, longer lengths could actually prove to be painful.

3. Increased Confidence

Men with larger penises often seem to feel more confident about their sexual abilities and prowess. Such confidence could potentially help a man improve his performance in the bedroom. When it comes to entering the mating market, men with larger penises may also have more success in finding partners because of that increased confidence.

4. Longevity

Some studies even seem to indicate that men with larger penises may be able to last longer in bed. Sexual stamina is naturally important, and men who are able to maintain their erections longer are often able to feel more confident and increase their partner’s satisfaction.

5. Increased Satisfaction

Some men with larger penises also report being able to experience more intense orgasms. This could be associated with either feeling more confident or potentially the ability to maintain an erection longer.

6. More Reliable Performance

No man ever wants to experience losing an erection too soon and running the risk of disappointing his partner. There is some evidence to indicate that men with larger penises may be able to enjoy erections that work in a more reliable manner, thus reducing the chance of experiencing a premature ejaculation and even losing an erection before reaching orgasm.

When it comes to both sexual appeal and satisfaction, it would certainly seem that men with larger penises have an advantage over their less-endowed counterparts.

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