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Updated: May 13, 2018

Whether you’re a single male or a high-flying unicorn embracing the lifestyle as a swinger, there are certain guidelines that participants typically follow—sort of like a secret code. Here are three tips for single swingers to help keep things swinging in the right direction.

1. Understand Club Rules

Let’s face it, the single ladies have it made in the lifestyle. Unicorns typically enjoy perks such as free entries to parties, clubs and other lifestyle events. Single Male on the other hand are allowed limited entry, often required to be escorted by a couple and are vetted thoroughly before being allowed entry. Some clubs are on premise, while others are off premises club which means that the amount of sexual contact between guests while on site are limited. It is important to know the difference and abide by these rules.

2. Stray From Couples Who Don’t Seem to Have an Agreement

Sometimes it’s apparent and other times you may have a gut feeling…a couple you’re considering playing with doesn’t seem to have a solid grasp on their own limitations. Couples are constantly evolving as they learn and settle issues such as jealously and inadequacy. If these seem questionable, you might want to avoid engaging these couples. However, they just might be new to the lifestyle and only now discovering their rule sets. If you’re committed to hanging in there, be prepared to have a ‘soft swap’ experience.

3. Always Be Respectful, Even if Bowing Out

Most couples don’t appreciate it when a single man comes on too strong but often don’t take issue with eager beavers. However, if you sense any reluctance on the couple’s part whatsoever, respectfully move along. Also, if a couple seems into you and you don’t have reciprocal interest, bow out without being hurtful. You never know when that option may interest you in the future!

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